be alright (2023)

be alright portays the interaction between grief, courage and love. Through the figure of the clown the piece questions a one-dimensional view of death via movement that ranges from the minimal to the expressive, exploring tension between humor, grief and silence. be alright is a philosphical and abstract play with invisible boundaries – and the courage to speak in silence.


CHOREOGRAPHY | Joanina Suchomel    

DANCE | Andreina Eymann, Joanina Suchomel

DURATION | 20 minutes


A.PART Festival 2023, Berlin


supported by

blaue stunde (2021)

The play deals with the theme of longing and describes the search for motivation in life and the deep longing for connection and to find a home within oneself.

CHOREOGRAPHY | Joanina Suchomel

DANCE | Aléna Birzele, Andreina Eymann, Roxanne Grosshans

Katharina Lorenz, Gillian Joleen Schaack, Jacobine Tone Kofoed

DURATION | 11 minutes

SHOWINGS | Zirkus Cabuwazi, Berlin

wie auch wir vergeben (2020)

The play deals with the processing of transgenerational traumas of the war generation. The female body is objectified and abusive structures are tolerated and initiated by society, the state and the church. The feminist dance solo takes the position of both perpetrator and victim and questions the concept of guilt.

CHOREOGRAPHER & DANCE | Joanina Suchomel

DURATION | 5 minutes

SHOWINGS | Theater der Etage, Berlin


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